Monday, May 29, 2017

It Really Is Memorial Day But...'s cold and damp and very unsunny! We are in a very un planting fact...we came downstairs to plant and decided to make bread and turn on the heat. We are kind of freezing! I am still fascinated with the breads from Bread Toast Crumbs.

Den and I are making the cinnamon one today. Actually it makes two...

And we mixed up the Peasant Bread, actually makes two, too!

We are binge watching new Dr. Who's while we wait for it to rise up to the tippy top of the bowl...which it does very quickly!

I took a quick glance at my real book stacks...I am so fascinated with my new Oasis that I don't know when I will read these! Scary! But I will!

This is what I am reading's fun and light and serious and has just the right amount of quirky dysfunction. It has a fair amount of people you love to hate in it, too plus tons of foodie references. And a six year old who loves cinnamon toast which is probably why I needed to make cinnamon bread today. I seriously love this book! It's a perfect summer reading experience!

So...that's our day...reading and binge watching and bread making and trying to stay warm!

This is when I love my flag collections!






  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a chilly holiday! Off to see if my library has Bread Toast Crumbs...

  2. It's so hard for me to believe it's cool somewhere else when we're suffering with humidity. It about did me in when I ran this morning. I head to NY tomorrow and I'm worried about the weather there.

    1. Probably cool and still rainy...but Thursday and Friday should be nice! Have fun!

  3. Great flag collections...and yummy looking bread.

    Wow, those stacks are impressive!

  4. I love cinnamon toast - takes me back to being a child. True comfort food - bread and sugar, ha.