Thursday, August 31, 2017


I would think that every time I walk it would get easier and easier. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Sometimes my body aches and I just want to sit down. What I love about this walking trail is that just when I think I need to sit...just for a minute...there is a bench. I need the benches less and less but sometimes...I just need a bench! Den walks the trail 4 times while I still walk it about 1 and a quarter times. But...I try for a little more every day.

When we come home after our walk we are both in a swirl of activity. Tidying rooms, laundry, dinner prep. I like to get dinner ready because I am still too tired to think about it later in the day. I am not ready to go out to dinner's the hair situation. So prepping early works for me. We've been having yummy salad like sandwiches for lunch...local tomatoes and other veg are awesome right now. Today I made a French Yogurt cake. I found the recipe on Food 52. It's like a yellow vanilla cake. Den is over the top excited about eating this. It smells amazing. This is the photo from Food 52 but my cake looks just like it.



I am reading this still. It's about twins who have strange powers/gifts that their mother has been trying to keep hidden. The writing is lovely and it's too easy to get lost in this book. The sisters can "gleam"...their magic comes out in glass blowing and music...I know this sounds so weird but it's actually what makes this book so addictive...their "gleaming" must be hidden...or else!

Against my better judgement I am reading two sort of fantasy/dystopian books at a time...

I am actually going to start this one...just to balance everything out. I need to read something sort of realistic!





  1. As usual your pics are all wonderful. I want some cake!!
    I love that a bench is there at the right time. Great trail. Your books all look fantastic. Enjoy!

  2. I came here earlier and tried to comment, but I was on my iPhone, and it asked for a password...I got frustrated and decided to try at home.

    I love the look of that cake...and I like the idea of all those walking trails, with benches placed at just the right spots.

    I just finished Harlan Coben's I'm curious about Don't Let Go.

    Enjoy your evening!

    1. Sorry you had trouble...weird! I play a mental game while I see how many benches I can walk past. Right now I just sit once!

  3. Oh, yum. Cake sounds wonderful. Life can be very good. HUGS.

  4. The trail sounds lovely. Glad it has benches right where you need them. Sounds like you and Den are both enjoying it. So proud of you for getting out and walking- even when you may not want to do so.

    That cake looks tasty! :)


    1. It was a great walking week! And a great cake making week!

  5. This walking trail looks so perfect and peaceful---like the covers of the many books you read. :-)
    I try to walk regularly too, but the path isn't nearly as picturesque as this.
    That cake looks so good...nice white icing, a kind of royal icing/confectioners sugar would be ideal. Yum!

    1. The path is very calming to me. That icing would be perfect. The cake was moist and really good!