Thursday, April 27, 2017

Food! Shoes! Books! Kitties!

Sloppy Taco Day!

It's also the first day of the draft so Den is trying to convince me that it is a National Holiday! Thus...Sloppy Tacos...or perhaps Sloppy Pasta...dinner is on a "to be determined" status. Sloppy Tacos...this is a dish layered with traditional taco stuff...beans, meat, cheese and chips...baked and served with...OMG...more chips and lettuce and tomatoes...traditional taco stuff...everything we use will be organic...instead of sour cream we use Greek yogurt...and basically there will be zero calories by the time we eat it...hah! Sloppy Pasta will come from Giordano's. Den doesn't feel like chopping today. Giordano's pasta is really good and in my self imposed exile it gives us a break from dinner prep since I have not been out to dinner in ages...I know...I know...there is no reason for me to exile myself...every week my oncologist tells me to take Den to dinner but I just can't...the no hair and hat thing just keeps me in exile. Sigh!


Yesterday we had salad for dinner because we had Weggieman's Fruit Tarts for dessert. This is a Den-made salad because every bite fits on a fork. Usually we only use dressing that I make but on this salad we used a tomato dressing that we can only find at Barnard' is so delicious. The lettuces were local and the tomatoes were from Lancaster...the bread is a miche from Wegman' and delicious!

The tart! It is delicious and ours looked just like that...the crust is crisp and sort of like a cookie. Yum!

Shoes! I love summer shoes!

These are all from Urban Outfitters...I am seriously thinking about the pink ones! In my self imposed exile shoes are a comfort!



Now reading this...started off really dramatically...a wealthy San Francisco family has a small Sweet Sixteen party for their daughter when a tragedy occurs that changes their lives forever. Oh how I totally love books that change lives forever...

I have changed out my second book about a zillion times...I was reading this but then it got too creepy sexually. I am discovering that my Catholic school education and my mom hanging out with nuns is affecting me now. Am I becoming my mother?

So...I might try this...

Or maybe not...sigh!

Today Roxie has decided to be my closest companion...she won't let Lucy near me!

Lucy remains puzzled!

The sun is shining! I need to shoe shop!





  1. Ooh, that is one gorgeous salad! And I love tacos...and Greek yogurt, too. Yum! Could you send some via the Internet? LOL.

    Enjoy those shoes...they looks good.

  2. A chef would be impressed with Den's salad preparation. Everything is uniform. I think the sandals are cute. I'm planning to buy a real pair of Birkenstock's this year but I do want something cute for skirts. I'm still looking. Sloppy Tacos sound really good.

    1. Den will appreciate your comment! I love Birkies but I know what yo mean about "proper" sandals...I bought the green and pink ones!

  3. That taco thing looks pretty delish. I love tacos, taquitos, tostadas. I mean, basically it's all the same thing. Just different methods of transporting the food to my mouth.

    I just requested The Party. I was on the fence with it but decided to just get it.

    1. I know what you mean about the taco dish...we are making it tomorrow...I just started the party but my interest is high.

  4. You are doing so well! Yea! That fruit tart looks so good, too!

  5. Yep, Den is my salad twin. It's gotten so Marmi is the only place I can find halfway decent shoes to fit me

  6. This post made me hungry!!! Guess I'd better eat breakfast now ;-)
    LOVE the pink sandals.

    1. I do, too, but I bought the ones with the pink back strap.