Friday, February 10, 2017

Sleeping Tight...And Other Stuff...

I had such an incredible night's sleep last night...I slept hard...I slept long or rather I thought I slept long but I actually woke up at 4:30 prepped to fall back to sleep until I realized Den was up and had been up for a while. Lucy and Roxie weren't even up but they both sleep like teenagers. So...I could have fallen back to sleep but instead Den got coffee and we watched another epi of The Fall. By the's so haunting...every episode leaves us wanting more!

And...Rain...there is supposed to be a Season 4!!!


This is what we saw early this of the deck that overlooks the pond.

We changed the duvet cover yesterday...such a frustrating task...and we did it wrong! First it was inside out but we caught it before we put the comforter part in. But then once we had everything inside and clipped in the corners and buttoned...we realized it's in sideways. It was so frustrating that we haven't changed it yet. But we have to...there's about a foot of duvet on my side that's empty! Sigh!

There was an article on The Kitchen's Blog about why pork chops should be cooked liked steaks. I really want to try this. I am supposed to eat lots of meat but meat is what I haven't been hungry for but jam...if that's jam...on a chop...looks kind of interesting!

I am more hungry for pasta...

This is a BonAppetit recipe.

This is an Andie Mitchell recipe using Delallo pasta.
This one is a garlicky breadcrumby Swisschardy one from the New York Times.

For me it's yum for all three!


still fantasy tripping with this one...

and reality hitting with this one...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Make some soup!

Eat some pasta!

Stay safe!

Stay healthy!

I have more new books to share on Monday...yikes!





  1. I'm glad you slept well. Changing duvet covers is frustrating! I would be in trouble if they told me to eat lots of meat.

  2. I love The Fall...and thanks, Patty, so happy that there will be a Season 4.

    Glad you slept well...and I love pasta, too. I've been dreaming about it.

    1. Our plan tonight is take away Ravioli! It's awesome and homemade and from an Italian restaurant near us.

  3. Duvet covers. Bah! I always say I am going to mark an edge with thread or something for next time but I never do.

    The first pasta dish looks delish. I saw that somewhere on my own before seeing it here. The other recipes look a little dry to me. I don't like a lot of sauce but I like a good, silky texture.

    1. It was on FB...and I love dry crunchy pasta...too funny!

  4. I'm right there with you on The Fall—it's just so good in so many ways. The only problem is what to watch next. Nothing else lives up to it.

  5. Now I want pasta! I remember Martha Stewart did an entire segment about putting a duvet cover on. It's probably on Youtube :)
    Yay for good sleep!

  6. Yay for some good solid hours of zzz's. I haven't had pork chops for years. I never think to buy them; I usually pick up the Costco pack of three, baby back ribs. We like that best, slow and low with a dry rub. I need to buy fabric tape and sew them into our duvet cover since our comforter slides inside.