Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Where Were We Wednesday?

Roxie stayed in our room. She feels as though this is her bed. She needs lots of space! She does not like to share.
Lucy stayed in our room. It is her favorite room. She prefers her blanket and heated bed far away from Roxie! But...Roxie likes Lucy's bed the way she likes our bed. She often crawls in Lucy's bed when Lucy is still in it!
Note Lucy's pained look!

Den was with me at a very long treatment. He is exhausted!

My treatment was sooooo long. I am exhausted!



Dinner ing...

Whole Foods Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas...


A very fatigued Patty



  1. You did not need to post! Rest!

  2. Funny felines. Aw, take it easy hon. And if Den stays, make sure he brings stuff so he's comfortable.

  3. Roxie just loves everyone. Sorry about the long treatment but I'm glad Den is there for you.

  4. A long day! The girls definitely like what they like.

    Hope you can rest tomorrow!

  5. Wishing you strength and lots of kitty pampering. BTW, those kitties? Luckiest on the planet :)
    I got the Karen White!!!!

  6. Lucy knows what's good. She's always been a savvy girl! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Love ya.♥