Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday Stuff!

This day so far was spent organizing our weekend...are we going to dinner...what about groceries...putting my new white set of drawers together...I want it done now and I wanted stuff in it yesterday. Sigh!

Finished this late last night...just a sweetly sad relationship book that was really good...a young widow with four young children and the single neighbor who moves in next was surprisingly appealing and very satisfying.

Reading's very tense but very good. Jane loses a little girl she is caring for and it follows her for all of her life...

Reading this on my it's my middle of the night's also really good.

Den and I are both having trouble sleeping lately...I usually do not fall asleep early but I have been and that makes me wake up wired...last night I woke up at was awful...and the night before...Den told me that he woke up at 1:30 and was up all night.

What is happening? We want to take an Advil PM but friends are scaring us about them...sigh! So right now the only thing putting both of us back to sleep are our Kindles...

Have a lovely weekend! I will be back with more book talk on Monday!


  1. Oh, these all look like good books!

    I only have two Vine books ahead of me (just received one of them), so I had to order another one...of course! Someone Is Watching, by Joy Fielding, which I had planned to buy, so this works out.

    Enjoy the weekend! Photos of the white set of drawers, please! LOL

  2. Maybe it's middle age? Carl and I both have trouble sleeping too. It is soooo frustrating. I tried one of the PMs before and it wired me up.

    1. It's driving both of us crazy...I don't nap in the day...but if I was teaching...this would be disastrous!

  3. Her is on my tbr list, too. The other one sounds really good!
    I think that the time change might help. With Spring upon us, daylight is growing longer. Your internal clocks may be resetting, too.

  4. Glad you are reading such interesting books!

    Sorry to hear about the weird sleeping. I know they say to avoid all kinds of light (tv/phones etc.) an hour before bed and it should help people stay asleep. I haven't tried that yet. My mom does take Tylenol PM when she has trouble sleeping and she says it helps.


  5. I organized all Saturday and then had to deal with that bee hive in my fireplace!! Not good. Totally stressed me out because my daughter was hysterically screaming. Hundreds of dollars later... waiting to see if it has to be treated again but right now, we are good.

  6. I was really hoping to see pics of those white drawers. I love white furniture!!