Thursday, October 14, 2010

OMG...Cake In A Jar?

I subscribe to a great foodie newsletter called "Serious Eats".  They post about new food trends, old food trends, best food trends and include lots of tips and recipes.  This was in yesterday's post...cake in a jar!!!   Don't you just want to make it just to say you did?  Plus it is pumpkin and right now I am in love with anything made out of pumpkin...I believe that this idea came from Jessie Oleson, a highly creative blogger, who has a blog called Cakespy.  Jessie is also responsible for something called a "reverse whoopie pie"  and a "pookie".  That would be a pie plus a cookie.  How awesome is that!!!
I am going to make some jars of cake later today...let me know if you made some, too!!!