Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Snowy Day! the best kind of snowy day. No ice...probably no shoveling. It's actually beautiful outside. Schools are closed and it's hard to imagine we didn't even need coats yesterday. The top two photos are from our sunroom and the back deck...the bottom one is out of Den's study window.

Reading this because it reminded me of's a fantasy...and it's really good...magic and a goblin king and a stolen girl.

We are staying in and binge watching stuff on Netflix today. We are up to Season 3 of The's so intense it's difficult to watch more than 1 or 2 at a time. But it's so good. The serial murderer on The Fall is the dysfunctional star of Thirty Shades...yikes!





  1. We've decided to skip winter this year!

  2. I LOVED The Fall...want another season!

    Your snowy views are a postcard. Enjoy!

  3. Serene images here, Patty. You have great space for a deck. Have fun snuggling in.

  4. Good to stay inside, warm & safe!

  5. Such a pretty, cozy snow day!