Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sometimes YA Is The Answer!

This book is soooo good. Here is why...

It mostly takes place at an old prestigious East Coast boarding school...Hardwick Hall!

Honor is the perfect mean girl. She has mean girl 'tude and money. She is masterful at that mean girl sneer!

Wren...short for Wrendle...perfect name...perfect newcomer...she is a new student from the West Coast and Honor simply hates her because for some reason they both have the same black diamond anchor charm!

Horses...there are horses and Wren has already fallen off of one!

Honor hates Wren...this is worth saying twice!

Horses! Did I say horses? Sleek shiny golden black horses with names like Rain Maker and Sparkle Plenty and Jasper!

Boys with three names and an ending like II or III...but who have snazzy nicknames like Chazzy!

This book is soooooo good!

I swear that reading a really awesome YA book is better than Botox...not that I would know...heeheehee! It's like being 17 again!
Totally different subject coming...
My Christmas booties have to go back to Nordstrom's...Fly London is my fave shoe brand...they are the most comfy shoes...and they always fit me...always. However...I did not listen to the 45 other reviewers who said that this particular Fly London Bootie runs really small. But...they were right. Taking them back is a total shock to my system. I love shoes that are clunky and quirky. But wait? Nordstrom's does have the next size and they are holding it for me bootie tale will be continued...heeheehee!
So far all of my Christmas presents are still in the living room...neat and tidy in their boxes...I love putting them away one at a time...Den prefers the next day all up in his closet method...but for me...opening them up again one at a time makes me surprised and delighted all over again! to Ulta for Den's shaving cream...then out to lunch...then home for football and more " Adventures From Hardwick Hall"...




  1. OMG! Those booties look amazingly comfortable. I may have to hunt down a pair.I've never heard of Fly London. I love shoes like that! :-o

  2. I love a Saturday post!! These booties look amazing...enjoy!!

  3. I had to return one Christmas present too but I took care of that a while ago. I'm in the Den school of putting away Christmas gifts. I need to look for that book.

    1. I think it's still on's not earth shattering...just fun!

  4. I do love those booties...I don't know if I would like the YA book, as I'm a bit weary of boarding school tales...LOL. But if you enjoyed it, that's a good thing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. No! That boarding school book is so not you! But...I did love it!

  5. I hope the new size is a perfect fit!

  6. Trying again, I am about to give this up!

  7. That's an interesting bootie. It looks comfortable. Our tree is still up as are our presents still underneath. Need to clear that out this weekend.