Thursday, December 24, 2015

Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

If only it would snow! We were out and about today without coats. Most of the people we ran into were in shorts and short sleeved tees! We opted to cancel our dinner reservation for tonight and instead have a Seven Fishes dinner at home. So we bought halibut, shrimp, scallops, calimari and cockles! I don't even know what cockles are but at least they are tiny. If you are counting that's only 5 fishes but I have to make a tuna aoli that goes on the toasts and I am counting the entire dish as the 7th bad! What I am making is really easy...everything goes into the same pan at varying times with a red sauce broth. We will have tuna toasts for dipping!

Here it is!

Dessert is mini fruit tarts from Wegman's! Not this many...we just bought two! And for tomorrow we bought four iced sugar cookies! Mittens and trees! Yum!

I haven't read a word today but I will read later...we went to lunch, I got my nails done, we delivered gifts, we wrapped presents and now we are done...totally done!

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!




  1. It's crazy warm here too. I wore capris and sandals. Merry Christmas to you, Den, and the girls!

  2. I haven't done much reading either...bingeing on Netflix after I finished my Christmas shopping earlier. That dinner looks yummy.

  3. You know how to eat. I'm comin' over next time.

  4. It's freezing here. It's about 29 in the AM and the high today was 45.

    A seven fishes dinner? I've not heard the term before but it looks wonderful.

    We had a good Christmas dinner. The place we went to does a buffet but I focused on shrimp cocktail, prime rib and a blue cheese salad and I enjoyed a Bloody Mary and about four glasses of champagne. Took my mind off my mouth. Was a little sleepy for the movie though.