Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Bits!

Capers and Costco!

When I put this massive jar of capers in my cart last week...Den tried to talk me out of it!

Ha! I was not deterred! We had lox and bagels on Sunday and you could not even see the cream cheese because of the voluminous overflow of lovely capers!

Also found this new sauce a two pack! So good!
Den and I both got 6600 steps on our Fitbits just shopping at this huge store!
Dinner on Friday! Thank you Joy The Baker! Everything in these was organic except the Fritos! Chili Dogs!
Mine! Thank you Nordstrom Notes!
Want...from Shabby Apple! I am so making that Holiday Headpiece!
Love all of this plaid!


More wants...I love this red plaid! From Scout Mob!
From my fave local shop...I have that shutter...I have two of them! From Antiques At Silver Bell Farm!
Bonappetit's Roasted Veggie Chart...I deleted was fuzzy! Sorry!
Finished this...kind of incredibly awesome! Math geniuses, dysfunctional personalities and a unique story!
Everything I did today in one picture...nails, my next book, watched TV and held an itty bitty kitty hand!
Luna and my brother and Buckley! He loves her! My niece said Luna sits in Buckley's dish and he does not mind at all. He must know she needs him?
I am on overload...calming down for a quiet night of reading and Dancing With The Stars I Have Never Heard Of!





  1. Good job on those steps. It's amazing how many you can rack up just shopping, yeah? Mmm, cream cheese does taste the best with bagels and lox.

  2. 6600 steps in one store? It must be huge!! How are we not Fitbit friends?

    Aw, Luna and Buckley love each other!!

  3. Yes, shopping can definitely be exercise! I keep telling myself that....

    Maybe I should get one of those FitBits.

    Cute kitty....great photos of the shutter, etc. Enjoy your week....

    1. I think you would love a Fitbit! Keeps you don't want to disappoint it!

  4. I've been craving bagels and cream cheese!

    And I love that scarf and the photo from the shop.

  5. The last picture is SO adorable!! It's easy to get your steps in with a trip to Wegmans, isn't it? I need to buy capers in a larger jar... the one at Wegmans it too tiny :)

  6. I love capers, but haven't had them in ages. Now I will be looking to add them to a recipe this week. :) Look at all those steps from shopping. Awesome!

    1. I also just read that capers last a long time!

  7. I live capers! And marinara sauce. Yummy. That Luna looks like a tasty little bite. What a cutie!