Thursday, October 22, 2015

Adventures! I Love Them!

Today was a TOTAL HAIR DAY. Den and I drove one hour and one minute to our salon. My entire head gets foiled so no color touches my scalp. So far it works...foils and Benedryl...and I have no reaction! Plus I got another patch test for a new organic far no reaction to that either.


We actually did go to the pizza place that I wrote was amazing! We had wine and pizza! Did I ever mention that I have an allergic reaction to red wines? I can only sip this one and a few organic ones. I think my body is getting weird!

The pizza was so yummy. The gentleman sitting next to us dropped his entire pizza on the floor! He swooshed his hand and down it went!
We made peace with these two...
We ate pumpkin whoopie pies! These are from Martha...
Finished this...loved this book!
Reading this...
Time for bed!



  1. I had a hair day yesterday, too! And I WANT a piece of that's been too long since I had it....sigh.


  2. Mmmm. That pizza looks so good. In December I am trying a new hair color. Not brand, just a new color. I normally go brown with highlights but I am going to go darker with burgundy highlights. It will be subtle but the lighter highlights on my ever increasing gray hairs looks weird. Too brassy or something.