Friday, September 4, 2015

Random Stuff...

Just finished this book. It was really good. A drowned baby...a deceipt filled young mother and two Norwegian inspectors who are awesome at interrogations! This book surprised me and I loved it!


Want to read this...
Reading this...
My idea of a perfect Fall dress from Karen Kane...
My favorite bronzer...
I want to make this from wellplated but without cashews.
Breakfast from the Kitchn...Scrambled Egg Tacos...
Dinner tonight...Seared Shrimp Salad!
They will only drink water from an ice cream bowl on my end table...We have a duplicate by their food bowls in the kitchen and they refuse to drink out of it.
Our bedroom is definitely kitty friendly!
So...have a lovely weekend...we are staying here...trying to stay cool...
See you on Monday!













  1. Cats are funny. My Girls only drink out ofcrrtain bowls, in set places. If you change the bowl or location, no deal. George is much more flexible. His favourite is Stella's water bowl! She doesn't care. ☺

  2. If there's such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as one of your cats.

  3. Based on your description The Drowned Boy sounds like a fascinating read. All the covers are intriguing. Breakfast looks super tasty. :)

  4. I loved Pretty Baby. The Drowned Boy and The Sparrow Sisters look so tempting.

    That's hilarious about the kitties drinking out of ice cream bowls from your end table. Are they royalty? LOL

    Enjoy the weekend.

    1. They seem to think they are. Roxie didn't seem as entitled when we first got her but she had a great teacher!

  5. I loved to read Pretty Baby.but i have no time to read this books because of my job timings.

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  6. Hi Patty..I'm back blogging again :) Thanks for the tip on the Drowning Boy. I've been itching to read a Karin Fossum, a "nordic noir", for awhile now but wasn't sure about her work. Also the title about Karen Jacobs' comeback you talked about yesterday-- sounds really good to me.

    My cats & dogs have a choice of 4 water bowls, filled constantly. But cats seem to like everything to be about territory, so one of my cats will only drink out of one bowl, and one cat another.. you get the picture. I read somewhere a long time ago that cats don't need their food next to to their water because they don't make that natural assumption that you eat and drink at the same time, like their wild ancestors. I don't know, shrug, cats make their own rules. And I know why they like their ice cream dishes-- they prefer a cup off the ground with a wide mouth to drink more conveniently. LOL... cats are precious, aren't they!

  7. I am so glad...the Karin Fossum book that I read before this one was not as good...I loved this one. And I like your theory about the if you can only tell me why Lucy is screaming in my face...all will be well in my world!