Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Friends? No Way!

We have been home for a few hours now...we are showered, refreshed and searching for something for dinner...I just put two huge baking potatoes in the oven...that will be dinner.

We spent last night in a lovely B&B in Saint Michael's...we went out to dinner, read, walked, shopped...we were gone a total of two days...and the girls are totally ignoring us! This is sort of typical...they have a different routine with their sitter...we actually set up a playroom in the sunroom for them. Tunnels, scratchers, race tracks, ping pong balls! We even had a camera upstairs on their beds...

Mostly we saw Lucy napping...And Roxie staring at...not sure what.

So...while we we having dinner we were cross table talking with another couple...but just sporadically...you know how that is...well...we ended up sitting with them after dinner because they asked and we did not want to hurt their feelings and we chatted but today we realized that the husband just talked at us and went on and on about his life and we were kind of a captive audience...we really are too nice! We ask people questions and we listen but clearly most people want to just talk about themselves!

Then at breakfast today we were stuck with another couple who were sweet but again just went on and on and on about them!!! Doesn't anyone stop to listen or to even ask about others? Or do people just need this endless nonstop chatter about themselves? Oh my! Seriously...Den and I are so careful not to hurt people's feelings the end result was we spent our time listening to strangers drone on and on! I think we need to start to be meanies! But this always happens to us...it is as if we are magnets for talkers...long winded non stop talkers...sigh! And...they always have just one more story!

I did not read much today...travel...unpacking...I was truly tired! But the kitties got a good report card! Hee hee!

More about books tomorrow!







  1. Well, it sounds like you had an interesting time. The girls fared well, though! Home sweet home.

  2. I attract people like that too and it can be so annoying. Most of the time, they can't take subtle hints.

  3. I think when people go on about themselves, they are usually just nervous. I am more of a listener but I know people that prattle on and it's usually because they are afraid of a little dead air. I prefer to have pauses in a conversation. Gives you time to consider what to say next.