Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cheese Curds?

Loved this book! I laughed, I cried, I craved cheese curds and before this I never even knew I could crave a cheese curd! But now I know about everything Milwaukee from this sweet book! Cheese curds deep fried, Brewers Games, Summerfest, Sendik's and more...I spent tons of time googling every place mentioned in this book. I was in love with this book! It was so good!
Cheese curds...
The benches are rumored to be shaped like cows? This was the first date place for Lou and Al...chief characters...
Lou and Al shopped at this market.
Lou and Al went to Summerfest!
And the Italian Festival!
And the State Fair!
Lou and Al went to ball games here...
Sigh...on to finish this!
Happy Wednesday!




  1. OMG these are my places!!! I live in a northern suburb but these are my places :) If you ever visit your niece (I read your GR review) we have to meet up!!!

    1. Mary! I will be there and I have been brother lives in niece lives in Wauwatosa? She teaches and is getting married next the Grain Exchange? We can definitely meet up...if I come out earlier I will connect with you! Such fun!

    2. Just let me know. We can meet at Northpoint and have the cheese curds, LOL!

  2. What does one do with cheese curds?

  3. What are cheese curds? I think you and Den need to plan a trip to Milwaukee.

  4. Love Wisconsin, Patty! cheese curds are good, have not tried them fried though. Go Packers! this is our year:)

  5. We live near Milwaukee, so this is all normal life to us! I am a Packer fan, too. Small world!