Monday, August 31, 2015

Back In The Groove...Sort Of...

I love coming back to my blog...refreshed after the week end! And...over this week end I read this book. Total fantasy...a wizard takes a girl from her village every ten years...she is returned unharmed but different. And in this instance the most unlikely messy girl is chosen by this wizard...with the most amazing consequences. I loved this book. It's scary, brilliant, even a bit sexy at times and totally captivating. The wizard and the girl have to keep The Wood at bay. This forest takes people! It is sooooo good! I could not stop reading it! And when people are taken? You don't want to know what happens...or do you? I put off reading this book because I hated the silly of me!


We saw Gregg Allman this week end. He was delightful!
So we were in Atlantic City for our concert the Borgata Hotel. It is such a weird place...we come here occasionally for concerts...we stay overnight...our routine is this...we get there...have dinner at Izakaya...brush our teeth...see the concert...go to bed...have Starbucks coffee and a bagel and juice and a banana for breakfast and we are on our way home!
View from our room...
Today we opted to spend the night in Saint a neat little inn...
The rooms are lovely...we can walk every where...we spent an hour this afternoon tasting little glasses of beer from a tiny little local brewery. Soon we are off to dinner...
I think I will start this...
But I am not sure. Maybe one of these? I will decide after dinner!
Off to dinner...I miss my girls!






  1. Gregg Allman's lived hard and it shows. I love exploring tiny little breweries.

  2. Welcome back. I am unintentionally doing the same thing...but not refreshed, just overwhelmed. I still say that it seems you are in an ideal house & location for your lifestyle preferences. Enjoy!

  3. You got an advanced copy of The Lake House! Lucky! I can't wait to read this book. Hope you enjoy it.

  4. Yes, Gregg Allman, like the rest of us, is getting older.

    Your weekend sounds like the look of that inn!