Thursday, July 16, 2015

Really "Heavy" Reading!

I was really worried about reading this's about the lives of people in NYC in the 70's...just before that huge blackout. From its opening grabbed me...hooked me...drew me in...
The only stumbling block is its heft...its actually hurts to hold it. I have tried propping it on a pillow and on the sofa arm but I still need to put it down to get feeling back into my fingers...927 pages!!! Plus really full pages...really small margins...sort of a smaller I obsessed with the size of this book or what?
Den is home and this is our official rest day...well sort of a rest day...he is at the orthodontist and then will pick up stuff for lunch and dinner so we don't need to go out any more today...I have the house in's a beautiful day and after a nice walk we will chill! After a hectic few days we are winding down for the rest of the week. Some deck time is in order, too...the kitties are craving real sunshine!
Happy Thursday!




  1. That sounds like the perfect candidate for an ebook. Enjoy your day!!

  2. 900+ pages? Yikes!! It sounds interesting, but I'll definitely need to read it on my kindle.

    1. It seriously cannot be held comfortably!

  3. I wouldn't be able to physically hold that book, lol. E-book choice for me! I lived in NYC during the 70s blackout and the big one in the 60s (I was a child and it scared the heck out of me). If it is done right I think I would probably enjoy it. Thanks for sharing a new to me title.

  4. I can relate to those feelings....books that "hefty" are best read on my Kindle, I think! It sounds like a good book, though.