Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bracing For Gusty Winds And Hail!

The only good thing about our weather forecast is that if we lose power it's not that horrible because our refrigerator is empty...we will just be without AC. And Internet. And TV. And lights.


Reading this...I wasn't going to but I read the summary and just kept on reading...three friends...summer lake house...issues...really good!

Have you had a Summer Fruit Shrub yet? We are having our first this evening. I cooked 1 1/2 pounds of berries in simple syrup and then let them cool. Then I strained them. I added 3 tablespoons of vinegar to the strained fruit. Now they are chilling. Next we will shake them in a martini shaker with ice...add gin or vodka or fizzy water...pour over more ice and drink. This recipe came from Bonappetit! Don't they look beautiful? You can buy premade Shrub Mix but I wanted to do it this way.
New coloring book!
Inside pages...not my much fun.
I love having the coloring table in the sunroom...any time I have a few minutes...on the's coloring time! I am usually joined by Roxie and Lucy...who are always fascinated with the pencils!
Off to read and watch the rain come pounding down!






  1. Love your new coloring book! Funny you showed this when I picked up one of my books today and was coloring with my morning coffee. I haven't done it in over a month but I thought of it earlier.
    Your drink looks yummy-- I don't drink alcohol but I have been drinking sodium-free club soda with a dash of 100% fruit juice and a few sliced berries, or melon, grapes etc. Have a good day despite the weather!

  2. I hope the weather wasn't too bad for you today. We were melting - well over 100 degrees. Those Shrubs sound delicious!

    1. It rained! cooler! They were yummy!

  3. I hate power outages! The contents of the fridge are often problematic...especially now it would be bad, as we have all kinds of food items....novel for me, LOL.

    On the bright side, we don't often have power outages...knock wood!

  4. The Secrets We Keep looks good! I have seen it around, but didn't know much about it. Glad you enjoyed it!

    I have never had a Shrub. They do look and sound very good.

    It is beautiful here today- so hope it is nice there too! :)