Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday's Stuff!

We took a drive today for supplies and parts of our area are really a mess! The post office was power...tree branches were everywhere...most people around us are still out of power. Just now it took us an hour to get all the components of our TV turned on. Wind! All because of wind!

This is my last stack of Amazon Vine books...I have 28 days to finish them...which is not a problem...I am saving that big fat red one for's 900 pages...I hope it's good? It better be good! Once these are done I am taking a break...seriously!

Interesting food...This is grilled asparagus smooshed inside of mozzarella sticks...rolled in Panko crumbs and baked! From A Beautiful Mess!
Reading this...sort of gripping!
I want a polka dotted dress...not sure why!
Or this?
This? I would love this on a dress! Teasing!
Perhaps a giraffe dress?
Off to read and relax! Have a great evening!




  1. Sorry about your power outage, what a pain! Black-Eyed Susans was a good read for me. Are you taking a break from reading books for review, or taking a break from blogging? Just curious...I'm down-sizing for the summer and doing less blogging but still reading and commenting on folks' blogs :)

    1. Rita...I am trying to finish all of my Amazon Vine order to read all of my other books from NetGalley and from Edelweiss! That's the break I am talking about!

  2. The Black-Eyed Susan book looks interesting. It reminds me of the lavender in Lori Roy's book.
    We had 9 tornadoes in N. IL. on Monday. More bad weather is expected tonight. I will have kittens tomorrow night! ❤

  3. Oh, I absolutely hate power outages...we don't have them often, knock wood. Hope yours is over soon.

    None of those Vine books are familiar to me at all. I did request one this morning: Freedom's Child. I had been ogling it for a while.

    I loved Black-Eyed Susans.

    The asparagus looks yummy!

  4. Maybe we should grab all the Vine books we can this week! lol I like the second polka dots.

    1. Probably a good idea...nothing counts until July 1st!

  5. Good luck with all your reading! I remember seeing The City on Fire at the BEA- I hope it is awesome. :) You are a reading machine, so I know you will get it all done!

    Sorry to hear about all the damage the wind did. Such crazy weather here too!