Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We Powered Down...

We actually lost power tonight but Den powered up our shiny new generator and we barely felt the loss! It was amazing! Of course it happened just as I was about to start dinner so dinner was not started...the power outages were from a lightening, thunder and wind storm and they were sporadically spread out all over town. Den raced to get gas for the generator and brought home tacos from our local taco restaurant...after dinner we just sort of read or played games and waited for the real power to come back on!

This was not going to be my blog today but...things happen!

Den is trying to explain to Roxie that play time is cancelled tonight because he is exhausted. It's not going over well...

Til tomorrow!



  1. I heard ya'll were supposed to have bad storms up that way! Keep Safe.

  2. We've never lost power here, knock on wood. I hope yours is back on now.

  3. You got the storm system that went through here Monday night. It spawned four powerful tornadoes around us. We have more headed our way later today, too.