Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Stuff!

I am determined to whittle down my Amazon Vine books...I will have them finished by the end of this week! Laurel-Rain! You are my inspiration!

Finished this...really good...a lovely mystery!

Reading this...its setting is Lake Superior...I am loving it!
Playing with this...Roxie claims any empty basket as hers!
Watched these two carefully...they were "free" for about 5 minutes...
8:29 PM...we are up in bed...showered, brushed, played with and calling our day...a day!
Nighty night!




  1. I'm getting ready to call it a day myself! We are party animals!

  2. Yup. This is the couch post. My Monday comment belongs here. *sigh* Still love the colors and want to hang with the girl though...

    1. That's ok...I knew what you were talking about! I have told you to come visit! Lol!!!