Friday, June 26, 2015


Today was such an amazing day! I did not read one word! I loved it! I was present in conversations...I actually listened when I was on the phone...and I didn't even look at a book! It was delightful...and 7:52 I am going to read a year old book from the library on Overdrive! And...I am not going to review it! This one...and it's really good! Summery beachy fun and good!


Oh's such an incredible's the way I used to feel when all of my report cards were done...including comments for each of my students!

Now I am certain this won't last but...for feels so freeing!

Off to read!

Happy Friday!



  1. There are days I think of quitting my blog so I can feel that way again. Have you changed the feed on your blog? I don't think I'm getting it in feedly anymore.

  2. LOL, enjoy! I have it on my Kindle and hope to read it... soon?

  3. I am thinking that once I release Vine from my to-do lists, I will feel very good. I even bought a book this week that I've already read (e-book), but no longer have in my library. Rereading is something I haven't done in a while. And I got a book in the mail that I didn't request...and I'm not going to review it. I may not even read it.

    I loved The Matchmaker.

  4. It's all about this pressure that we put on ourselves...don' t you think?

  5. Yep...I read for myself again...and a chosen few. ☺
    I love it. ❤