Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts...

Sometimes when I wake up I think...I have to call my mom...I really need to talk to her...but then I quickly remember that I can't. I don't track years and dates the way Den does...he will say to me...did you know that this is the anniversary of your mom's death...and I will have no part of me remembers that day...or it might be that I just don't really want to.

But...thinking of my mom makes me realize that first...years and years ago...Den's mom died...and then years and years later my mom died...and then a few months later my dad died...and then a few years after that Den's dad died...and now we are orphans.

But sweet things about our parents always pop into my head...Den's mom always heated our first cat Sam's food and presented it to him like the "grand kitty" that he was...Den's dad would invent toys for him...and we never went to their house without bringing Sammy with us. My dad always gave my kitties tuna...and my mom would put blankets in the dryer for them and neither parent would move if a kitty was in their laps. Lucy loved my mom and my mom would pop Lucy in her stroller and walk her all over our little town...talking to her all the way. Silly little sweet things that I never want to forget.

Dancing with Den's mom at my wedding...the first time I met her she made me her famous pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream...not knowing I hated pancakes...I ate them!

At my wedding with my mom was so lovely! She always had great thick hair! She kept chunks of amazing Italian bread at the ready so that while her pasta sauce was cooking...we could dunk chunks of bread into it...the day after Den and I were leaving to live in California...I remember walking onto the plane, turning and seeing my mom crying and clutching her rosaries...praying for a safe flight...barely three months later my dad flew me home because I was so homesick!

Den's mom and dad visiting us when we lived in Santa Clara. I had lots of time to spend at the pool.

My dad "briskly" walking me down the aisle...
The last time they were both really hale and mom hated when we let that back door slam!

So...thank you for bearing with me with my memories and photos today!

Peace out!





  1. Carl and I have lost one parent each and we still miss them so much. I dream of them quite often and still want to call them. Your parents and Den's parents sound lovely.

  2. great pics of some truly marvelous people

  3. Sweet photos and memories! My husband and I don't have any parents living either. You look beautiful in your wedding dress, and I think Den looks like his Dad, from the early photo above. How nice of you to share these...

  4. Lovely photos and lovely memories! In May, it will be seven years since my mom died....and my dad died 15 years before she did. I'm an orphan, too. And my last aunt, my mom's sister, died a couple of weeks ago.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. It's hard to not think about being an orphan...and without children...we do feel sometimes...weightless?

  5. This was awesome. I loved walking down memory lane with brother-in-law's cat is named Sammy! I named him that, of for sharing, Pattycake---but not pancake, of course! :-)

  6. No. You are not orphans. You had your parents and still do. That bond, that love, does not die. Celebrate it, always.