Tuesday, April 21, 2015

On Our Way Back!

We have been relaxing, reading, eating...here for the last few days...it's called the Inn At Perry Cabin in St. Michael's...in Maryland...in the Chesapeake Bay...it's an amazing place...yesterday we had lunch outside by the water...last night we had tornado and hail warnings here...but we were in the inn's pub having dinner...

We had meatloaf for dinner...this meatloaf...that apparently is such a secret recipe that people/staff
stalk the chef to try to find out what is in it.  One of the staffers says that all she knows after years of stalking is that he uses four prime different meats...sigh!  Yukon gold potatoes that were like silk and brocollini completed dinner...it was so good!  The pub was so relaxing...no reservation...great service...Den had a Scotch after dinner that he says he will never ever forget.  We are barely two hours from home!   

Finishing this...

Just snagged these...can't wait...totally love both of these authors.  I have read everything that they have written!  

Missing these two but we have had updates about them twice a day...

Happy Tuesday!

We are home...I think they missed us!  That's me that they trapped!


  1. That meatloaf! Those potatoes! Looks so good and yummy.

  2. Your trip looks like fun! We had a tornado warning too but we just ignored it.

  3. Oh, my, in that photo, meatloaf looks like a gourmet food! Delicious....and that inn looks fabulous.

    You always manage to find books that I've never heard of....enjoy!

  4. Wow, so yummy! Also that inn looks like the best place to unwind and relax! Glad you had fun.
    I just read my first T. Greenwood book a few months ago and she captivated me with her wonderful writing style. Hope this is a good one. I should look for it.

  5. Man! That place looks awesome! Are those actual photos you took?! The girl's fur looks so soft. That blanket is competing for which one I should dig my hands in first! Lol...