Monday, April 13, 2015

I Hate To Experiment But...

Welcome back! I think that is more for me since I took the week end off! Lol!

I am working with a new blogging app...called I have no clue what this post will look like! I am relying on you to tell me! Working with it is different but fun. I don't know if my blog will look the same or if it will be totally different...sigh!

It is so lovely here, today! The girls were on the deck with us yesterday. But almost every hour after that they cried to go out again! They have very limited outside access. Stroller to sunroom to deck and back in again! They seem to love being in their stroller...together...much to our surprise!


I am reading this and it is so different and so unique...Rose...married to to three young only really happy in her dream world with Hugo...and then suddenly she sees Hugo in real life! It's really a unique story!


It took me forever to just get these two photos to this might be a short post today! I feel as though I need to get out fast before something bad photos keep disappearing so that can't be a very good sign...can it?


Happy Monday! Dare I try one more photo?

I shouldn't have because I can't delete this one...but it is such a sweet book that I read and reviewed for the author!

Hopefully this will post?







  1. Looks good to me! I love that pic of the girls. :-) ♡ That book, Hugo reminds me of the James Patterson book, Sundays at Tiffany. Did you read it? As a TV movie on Lifetime, it totally sucked, but I loved the book.

  2. The blog looks good to me! I'm glad the girls enjoy their stroller but what happened to their deck tents? Do they prefer the stroller more?

    1. The tents are for when the decks are set, etc...and when it's's still too chilly.,

  3. Yes, everything looks great! Enjoy...Hugo and Rose does tempt me.

    So cute, the girls in their stroller....

  4. Looks good here. Interesting books, too!