Thursday, April 16, 2015

An Ordinary Day...

I had to go to the dentist today which makes me mildly freak out...I have never had cavities but I have worn braces twice...wires and Invisalign...Den is currently wearing Invisalign braces so we both have teeth issues. Retainers, whitening, keeping our of these are important to us. Today I had to have a bit of bonding on my front tooth replaced. It involved some sanding and Novocaine and terror...only on my hurts and my dentist is awesome but it still all made for a fretful kind of day. Sigh! And I have been playing catchup all day...I haven't even looked at a book yet or thought about dinner. But...on the way home from the dentist I found a new tiny food shop where a actual real baker is making artisanal breads every day. He is also making free formed pizzettes and rolls and caramel corn...isn't caramel corn the perfect food to eat after the dentist? Oh...I have to go back to the dentist in two get my side bonding fixed! Yikes!

I am almost finished with this book and I am lucky it is not giving me is so good but this society is so cruel! I cringe at the actions of various groups! It is really sad, too!

And, of course I woke up wired last night from my pending dental I actually started and finished this! It was so sweet and relaxing and a perfect summer book...about a writer looking for her birth mother. She stays at an inn in St. Dennis and of course falls in love with the innkeeper! Lots of crab cakes and craft beer in this one...I loved it!

Happy Thursday!



  1. Braces twice? Why twice? I had them as a teen. I was a dental assistant when I was young, too. Teeth are important.

  2. I freak out quite a bit whenever I got to the dentist. For a while, I was constantly having root canals and crowns put in...and then lately, nothing. Not even a cavity. But last year, I did have a tooth (in the back) pulled....and that was traumatic for me. LOL

  3. Craft beer? I'll have to check that out!