Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A "Let's Stay Close" Kind Of Wednesday!

It always amazes me when people talk about cats being aloof. We were away for two nights...we didn't leave until Sunday at noon and we were back on Tuesday by three. I am writing this with Roxie tucked into my lap and Lucy tucked into my arms...they were miffed when we first walked in yesterday but have not left our side for a moment since then. Lucy slept in Den's arms all night...which she never does. They have helped me unpack, they have jumped in and out of suitcases, they have investigated everything that we unpacked and brought they are satisfied. Whew!

We were barely gone for three days but it felt like more and it was truly relaxing! The only thing I really hated was the bed at the was about five feet off of the ground and I had to literally run and jump into it...once I was in it was heavenly...the best mattress ever...but the jumping was exhausting!
But it was worth it! We were relaxed! Den more than me...probably!
Finished this...really good, sad, captivating...
Reading this...
Enjoy your Wednesday! Peace out!




  1. Sounds like a wonderful break...and so gratifying to come home to the kitties being happy to see you.

  2. The two of you certainly look relaxed and happy. I am going to say something awkward but I do say impulsive things when in person-- I love your lipstick shade! Sorry, just had to get that out of the way-- lol!

    Cats are not aloof if they are brought up in a home with humans and treated with love. I have had cats my whole life and know the opposite is true. When I just came home after a full week away in FL, my dogs barked for about three minutes, jumping up and down, then went to bed. My cats, on the other hand, were competing to get in my lap and rub foreheads with me off and on for hours. When my son comes home from school, as he does most weekends, they treat him like visiting royalty :)


    1. Patty MagyarApril 23, 2015 at 11:48 AM
      Yes, Rita! I totally agree with you about kitties! Thank's a new Nars summer shade called Janet! I love it, too! It's sort of half eaten off, though!

  3. I was just laughing last night about how my cat has to be in the same room as us in the evenings. She'll follow me around. Glad you had a nice get-away!

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  5. Those people clearly don't know a thing about cats. I find myself trying to teach them the truth all the time!