Friday, March 13, 2015

What Happened To Thursday?

Yesterday was a day filled with errands! The day totally slipped by me...but a day filled with books.

Just finished this...sort of scary good...every time I turned around...Max...main character...was getting hauled off by the creepy sadistic bad guy and the innocent girl...who is more of a psychopath than anyone! I love books like this!

Plus...I am having MAJOR issues with my new iPad Air many that now it has to go visit the Apple Doctors. It's called a Genius appointment at an Apple Store...they then either fix it or send you home with a brand new replace this brand new one.

Making this for dinner...oven baked Shrimp Scampi...over Whole Foods hand cut spinach linguini...

Reading this...

And this...

I did not post anything on my blog yesterday...Den and I were out all afternoon and because I knew he would be driving around potholes...which are huge here...I took a Dramamine...but...the minute we got home I took a shower and sat down to read and fell asleep! I never do this...I hate napping...but I think the Dramamine did it? I woke up crabby and totally disoriented...and very much out of sorts.

I blame Den!

Happy Friday!


  1. If you don't want to fall asleep you have to get the non drowsy Dramamine.

    That shrimp looks great.

    What's wrong with your iPad Air 2?

  2. Poor Den. Don't be too hard on him. The roads are rough.
    Sorry your iPad is not quite right. I just did a post on technology. Ha!

  3. What?! Having iPad Air problems already?! Is it broken?

  4. One time at work, I felt sick and a teacher gave me a Dramamine. I had no idea what that was and I could not keep my eyes open! I struggled all day not to fall asleep in front of the kids. It was awful! Lol... :-D

  5. I kept falling asleep off and on all week...the time change, I guess. I hope your iPad gets fixed!

  6. It's such a pain when a new gadget doesn't work right but Apple is good about making things right. Yep, Dramamine will put you to sleep and make you disoriented.

  7. Years ago, I took a Dramamine on my honeymoon flight across country and slept the whole trip and woke up much as you did, disoriented and crabby. Not recommended for folks on their honeymoon, lol!

    We have a genius appointment at the Apple Store on Monday for my daughter's new I-phone 6, as she cracked her glass screen already, sigh. Had to make the appointment days in advance, busy busy store!

    1. I am not looking forward to tha genius appointment!