Monday, March 2, 2015

Oh My Monday!

I have been kind of offline over the weekend...Den and I just got new iPad Air 2's and it's been fun...not so much fun...prepping them. This involves lots of phone calls to Apple...lots of emails and directions...and quite a lot of handholding...with my new BFF's...Anthony, Amanda and Kendra. Thank goodness for case numbers and patience! There is really an easy way and a hard way to set up a new ipad...especially when you want it just like your old ipad...unfortunately I chose the difficult way...first...but once I re chose the cloudalicious was good again! I freaking love the cloud! I freaking love my new makes my older one look like a dinosaur...a really old dinosaur! Then because Den and I are took us days to get just the right covers...oh my!

And mine really needed to be pink!

Ok...enough of that...this book...was such a lovely heartfelt incredible story of Ari and and sister who are homeless for a few months...and...just a few months of being homeless make this story so sad, so beautiful...and...all because this author has created the most special little girl in Ari. Ari carries folders of cutouts with her...cutouts from Pottery Barn catalogues and Boden...any catalogue that helps her create her lovely wistful paper things. I loved this book! Beautiful...wistful...heartbreaking...joyful...a total learning experience...probably a must read although I hate telling people what to!

Off to have lunch!

Happy Reading!


  1. I have Carl's old iPad mini and rarely use it. He's the one who sets all that stuff up for me, so I find it to be painless.

    1. Totally could never ever be without my it!

  2. I don't think I've heard of a iPad Air 2. So, what makes it so much better?

  3. Oh, I am a little apprehensive about upgrading to Kindle Paperwhite...I imagine setting it up will be a challenge....but maybe not as much as an iPad.

    Enjoy the pink cover...and that book does look good.

    When I was a kid, I cut out pictures from catalogues and magazines, and wrote stories to go along with them. I liked "decorating" homes.

  4. Enjoy your new iPads, mine is an older model but I love it. Paper Things sounds wonderful, will have to add it to my list

  5. I really want that book. I read a review a few weeks ago.
    Enjoy that ipad. I have a tablet that I use occasionally. I love my netbook the most. It is funny how we become used to something and cannot imagine life without it...until we have to.