Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just Waiting...

We have had...according to a friend of mine...25 snow or ice or sleet predictions this year but all of them have either missed us or were was so rainy and foggy and freezing cold all day long today that we chose to stay in and gamble that we could get out for provisions tomorrow...we are supposed to have lots of snow. But...usually when the forecasters say lots of snow we barely get any! We have nothing in the house...we are having big baked potatoes stuffed with cottage cheese for dinner and broccoli dipped in the Pioneer Woman's Cheese Sauce which...seriously...has Velveeta in The Pioneer Woman said to...I put Velveeta in the sauce...but it made the sauce so good! I am praying that there aren't too many chemicals in Velveeta! I am also praying that we can get out of the house tomorrow! It just seemed so much more romantic and fun to shop while snow falls than to run around in an icy cold rain! Plus lunch out during a snowfall? My fave!

I think Den and I are always trying to match a lunch experience we had a few years ago. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful restaurant called Simon Pearce which was along the Brandywine River. It was at the start of a snowstorm and we were the only people in this beautiful place and they were closing after our lunch so everyone could get home safely.

They have since totally closed and there is only one Simon Pearce restaurant left in the entire country. They were glass blowers, too. Artisans worked right next to the restaurant and you could buy the most beautiful pieces there. Sigh! It was such a cool restaurant...everyone crashed their Cheese Soup and tiny little biscuits.

See the baby biscuits?

Finished this...really beautifully written...

These are up next...

Stay warm!


  1. Oh my gosh, my sister collects Simon Pierce glass so I have a couple of pieces of it - it's gorgeous!

    They've predicted big snows for us twice this year and they were wrong both times. We need to get new weathermen!

  2. What a gorgeous restaurant! Too bad they closed....

    I want to read The Dream Lover...but I couldn't find it on Vine, so I guess I'll buy it when it comes out.

    Hope your snow misses you again.

  3. Her Name is Rose is on my tbr list, too. We slways have fun with snow storms, too. Memories!