Friday, March 6, 2015

Digging Out! is digging out day! Schools here are again closed...we have not a thing to eat...but yesterday I made homemade cinnamon bread, salmon patties that were so good...and a salad made from every last fresh vegetable in the bin! I pulled a dinner out of my hat! But today...nothing! Too much cooking in one day!

And now Den is outside snow blowing up a storm...a snow storm...

Just finished was so lovely...I love lovely sweet books that are beautifully written...this was just that kind of book!

And sounds so good but it's on the horror thriller chiller side...

Wish me sweet dreams after its!

Happy Friday!


  1. Carl's family was hit with snow too - I'm so glad all we got was rain. Stay safe and warm!

  2. Ooh, hope the snow storm is over soon! That last book looks kind of creepy/scary. Enjoy!

  3. We had lots of snow here last week. Finally it is warm out and I think the snow is melting. :) Within These Walls looks chilling just from the cover! Yikes.