Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl...Pre Game Planning...

I do this for Den...he gets to pick what we eat and when...and apparently when is really critical to the actual enjoyment of the game. His not

Candidates for Super Bowl are...all from Bon Appetit!

So...we are trying to decide if we want to venture outside into our world which has become a's freezing out there, people! Literally are either going to get up and leave right now...or zip out tomorrow...still deciding!

If we don't zip out now we are going to go out to dinner tonight...which makes no sense to me at all...if it's freezing now...won't it be more freezing tonight? And where we finally decided to go...has very little parking and a "long walk" to the restaurant? What does this mean?

I slept with a hoodie over my nightgown...Den slept in head to toe thermals...and the girls had heated were so warm that they would periodically jump out of their beds and visit cool down...

Reading this...really sweet and sad, too...

Happy Reading! Happy Saturday!


  1. I downloaded Lost & Found this week...and your food looks soooo good! Enjoy....

  2. I think my comment disappeared...but if this shows twice, my bad.

    I downloaded Lost & Found this week...

    Your food looks very good! Enjoy!

  3. Brrr! I'll stop whining about it being in the 50s here today. We'll have fajitas during the Super Bowl at our neighbor's party.

  4. I want ALL that food...yum!! Those lucky cats!! Ha ha ha. . . .

  5. I miss bread. I had my sights set on a hot dog with all the fixin's and my gluten free bun killed it for me. But, the turkey chili I made was really good and I am going to make nachos tonight from the leftovers.