Sunday, January 18, 2015


Seriously? We are showered and nestled in bed...Den is watching football...I am reading...we had grand plans for dinner but we finally had a huge roasted baked potato with cottage cheese on top...of course you have to mix butter and salt and pepper in first...and top it with cottage is sooooo delicious. Does it sound good or bad to you? We have been eating these for forever...whenever we don't know what we's a baked potato with cottage cheese!

Of could have been that we over did these earlier...rice crackers from Costco! We have a giant bag but they are so good...they do not have weird nuts in them,,,just almonds and peanuts which was a surprise because I didn't even know rice crackers had nuts in them...or that they came in bags as big as the one we bought!

Finished this...not as exciting as the jacket proclaimed it to be unless I read too much and I am jaded...sigh!

Still reading this and it's so good! I think it's easy to stop this one and just as easy to pick it back up again...but I will finish this tomorrow!

Yep...another YA but different...

Happy Sunday Night!


  1. I am not sure what you picture would show up! Odd!
    I had a baked potato, too. But no crackers today!
    Enjoy your evening.

  2. Baked potatoes with cottage cheese is new to me. I'm going to tell my mom about it - I bet she'd love them!

  3. I don't like cottage cheese, but my husband and daughter love it. I might have to try it on baked potatoes for them sometime.