Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Formula!

Finished this...I think it was YA...but it was mysterious...and...really fascinating. This author reveals elements of his story in a slow enticing manner. It was hard to stop reading because of the suspense of each chapter, the revelations of each chapter and the backwards countdown before each chapter...which might be confusing or fascinating...I found it fascinating.

Just starting this...not a thought in my head about this yet. far it's formula...a real physical book during the day...and my Paperwhite at night...still reading this...for some reason it takes me longer to read books on my Paperwhite...I guess I must fall asleep! Another book with secrets being revealed slowly...a body found in the woods on university property...a very tiny small body. The small town reporter on this story has recently dealt with the death of her own baby...we are off to the I will be able to read more of this while I am sitting there...

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. I'll be starting After Birth next week...and I'm eager to get my hands on Where They Found Her.


  2. Where They Found Her caught my eye somewhere else today too. I think it looks like one I'd enjoy.