Saturday, January 24, 2015


This is a mellow Saturday...very mellow...I finished this...I will simply say...I just did not like it at all. Let's just say that a certain four letter word really can be overused. There are some characters that are really annoying and not even fun "love to hate annoying"...just simply annoying...I hate when I choose a book that is just not meant for me. It makes me think I don't know myself well.

But now my un-devoted attention is on this book...and the mystery is a good one and this author is so skillful about revealing it...I am about 42% into it and I don't want to stop.

Off to read...we have snow and we have "provisions" for we are staying in...happily!

Dinner...a chicken recipe from Food 52...

Happy Saturday!


  1. I'm very excited about Where They Found Her. Stay warm!

  2. Now I am dreading After Birth, and it's on next week's list. I will read a mystery first, though. Putting off diving into it.

    Maybe I won't hate it a lot...LOL

  3. Where They Found Her sounds like one I would like. I will stay away from After Birth. You usually do not dislike a book this much, so no thank you then. Dinner looks yummy so hibernate with good food and books and enjoy.

    1. I know...I always try to find something good in a book...on the other hand I love Where I Found Her. We plan to hibernate until Tuesday!