Thursday, December 18, 2014


Den has a very very busy day...and an office dinner tonight. That leaves me free to not cook, not clean, not do laundry and not make dinner!

A hire car will pick him up and bring him home later from all of his holiday festivities. The girls and I will put on our jammies and chillax...and decorate the trees! I will start soon...but I am still lazy right now!

That was the tree here is the book part...

I finished this and it was really's Sherlock Holmes and his much younger wife Mary Russell whom everyone calls Russell. I don't have a photo in my head of her but Sherlock us definitely Benjamin Cumberbatch...the BBC's Sherlock...I think that's why I enjoyed this book! It's an odd mix of ninjas and emperors and secrets...I might have to read more Mary Russell books...I quite liked her...

NetGalley delivered some books I can't wait to read...some I have had for a bit but I want to start them soon...especially this first one!

Back to trees...someone in this family stole/gently removed and possibly ate? my reindeer's ears! From my North Woods wooden tree set on top of my pie safe!

From way up here!


Happy Thursday!


  1. Books have really taken a back seat to the holidays around here. I think you can pretty much rule Den out about the reindeer ears!

    1. Yep...I agree...I am pretty sure that Roxie ate them!

  2. Cats love those pointy thingys that humans place all around the house, lol. Doesn't matter that it was high up; she wanted it! My cats like to sleep on my tree skirt (I've learned to not buy expensive ones because my pets ruin them and we get a new one every year). My daughter's dog (his first Christmas) likes to redecorate by dragging the skirt around the living room and dropping it in various corners--and if a cat is napping, oh well, along for the ride :)

    I haven't been reading much lately, so busy, but The Dress Shop of Dreams looks like a nice match for the week I'm having. Enjoy!

  3. Ha-ha...those sneaky little girls!

    They are probably looking very innocent, too.