Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Tale Of Two And A Half Trees!

Other than adding a few more ornaments we are done...we had a a festive dinner out last I am making an oven baked stew...Den is putting the candles in the windows and spotlights in the front and on the side of our house. I might even make some cookies!

Pancakes and ham are prepped for breakfast...because...tomorrow we hit the Mall! We are heading out for the 8:00 opening...sigh! We do this every single year!

Here is our half tree!

Family room tree!

Sunroom tree!

All our we just want snow...but we are getting rain...sigh!

Reading this...

Happy Saturday!


  1. Look at those lovely trees! What fun! Good luck with your Christmas shopping. Sounds like you are prepared. :)

  2. Beautiful!! Love your half tree, such a cute idea.

  3. Gorgeous trees! I would love to sip coffee and eat pancakes in ANY of those rooms...enjoy!