Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So Busy! Really Busy! With Busy Stuff!

We are showered and in comfies and relaxing...we had to go to Nordstrom's today to take back some of Den's stuff and buy Den new stuff because everything is on sale and this was our triple point day! Whew! But then you get Nordstrom's bucks in the mail and you can start all over again!

Plus I bought Den this super cool hybrid jacket so that he can look super cool at all times as long as he follows my directions and drapes the new scarves I bought him in a super cool way around his neck. Looking super cool is very complicated! He can take out the vest and wear this out at night when Den has a date...with me! Looking super cool!

After Nordstrom's we had lunch at Seasons 52...since Nordstrom's is so far away we rarely eat here but it was lovely...especially these...we each had one...soooo yummy!

Mine was pumpkinny ginger snappy good!

Then after lunch we went to Weggieman's...I taught second grade and was way too familiar with Weggieman books...books filled with little boy bathroom humor...my little guys would smuggle them into class...we have an amazing grocery store here called Wegman's but I always call it Weggieman's...sorry!

And we gathered food for the next few days...pork tenderloins and sauerkraut and pierogis and fruits and veg...and a tiny little chocolate cake that wanted to come home with us and that will be our first and last dessert of 2015...lol...voted Weggieman's best!

Not reading much of anything...sort of glancing at this...tired...just want to chill tonight...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I need to return a few things but haven't had a chance. Carl's been sick so I've been working my tail off. I've heard so much about Wegman's!

  2. Sounds like you are getting a lot done! The shopping trip sounds like it was very productive! :)

    Enjoy that chocolaty dessert! Yum!

    Happy New Year!