Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts!!!

Reading this...and while I had to make myself immune to the language...and the situations...
I am really into this book. It's quirky, weird, fun, and thought provoking. It's kind of like a train wreck of a a funny good way...I can't stop reading it! I have read that readers loved this author's first book and the articles she writes and it seems as though readers either love this or don't love it...I think I am feeling both of those ways.

We are having a quiet morning but I will soon have to wrestle Lucy into her carrier and into the car for the five minute trek to the vet for her 3 1/2 minute cold laser therapy treatment...which is helping her immensely. She will grumble, growl, stress out and be mad at both innocent Roxie and me for the rest of the day...sigh! She looks so sweet but she is such a complainer! Did I mention that she wears goggles in the laser room?

My anniversary present...from Den...we were away on our anniversary so I didn't want anything on that yesterday he surprised me by bringing this home...I am hopelessly addicted to these bracelets...I now have the perfect zen number...three! There are mittens...and a pumpkin on this one...and the wing means something...and the pearl is an anniversary thing. I think I like them with charms spread out on each soon as I can figure out how to open them I will rearrange the

I wonder why three us sort of a magical number? Everything looks better arranged in threes!

Wish me luck with Lucy!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Pretty bracelets. The number three is biblically the number of the trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That is magical and more!
    I am glad Lucy is getting relief. That is half the battle.
    I tried to read that book, but, no...I could not get into it. I really wanted to, but, no.

  2. What's the deal with this book?! Is it salacious in some way?!? I'm so happy to hear Lucy is benefitting from the treatment. Try to get a pic of her in her glasses! Please! Lol...ha ha ha...

  3. The girl on the book cover, with the runs in her pantyhose, reminds me of hippies I once knew! LOL

    Poor Lucy, but she gives enough complaints to make up for any discomfort....

  4. Hope all went well with Lucy! :)

    I am curious about the book after hearing your thoughts and reading the comments.

  5. Happy anniversary - I love your new bracelet! I have 3 of them too.

    I'm glad the treatments are helping Lucy!

  6. I've ordered this one from the library. Cheers from Carole's Chatter!