Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Stuff!

We were out of apples!!! We were out of milk!!! We needed bread!!!

And...because of where we live...everything was at three different places but all of them really truly close by!

Seriously! we went...

First to Bernard's for apples, local honey, local everything! I got the most beautiful tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes and a massive lovely local cauliflower!

Then to visit the cows, goats and sheep at Bailey's Dairy Of Distinction! I petted everyone! Plus we chatted with Bernard...who owns this farm...he was going to retire and sell until his daughter talked him into is a beautiful place! We buy butter and eggs and cheeses and ice this farm! to the French Bread Ladies...all we needed was a lovely loaf of bread but their flag was down...which meant no bread or no bread had to go to Giant! Sigh!

Now we are home...reading papers, watching football, relaxing with kitties!

Finishing is really good and makes me wish I would have read the first one...

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love that you can make an adventure of buying food! And the photos are you are home relaxing, and probably in your evening already.

    I just finished binge-watching more of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I am now on Season 3. It is amazing how long it takes, as each season has around 22 episodes.

    Enjoy the rest of today!

  2. I wish we had a great bakery near us!

  3. They are closing so many supermarkets by me. Makes me wonder if people are not cooking at home anymore. We don't have many alternatives. We've lost three markets (major chains) and everything I need is across town. Like... ten miles away.