Saturday, October 18, 2014

Simply Saturday!!!

I could not resist asking the awesome vet techs to get a photo of Lucy in her goggles. She has to wear them when she gets her laser treatments.

And...then a friend sent me this photo stating that Lucy has a very steampunky look!

Oh my!

This one is called The Observer by Winardi and it's at a blog called Steampunk's a Victorian Steampunk Kitty!

Normal Saturday routine today...leave raking and lawn mowing! Absolutely nothing for dinner and no all! Winging it...

Reading's by the same author who wrote The Summer Of Dead's really good!

Happy Saturday!

I made the mistake of sitting down for a moment and now my lap is filled with I have a break before vacuuming! Hurray!


  1. Thanks do much for this pic! Ask and you shall receive!!! Lol...I couldn't recall the genre that Lucy's glasses represented, but, yes, it's steampunk. Awesome!! Go Lucy!

  2. Cute photos...and yes, Lucy would be the Queen of Steampunk.