Friday, October 24, 2014

Fabulous Fun Friday!

Den is home from the wilds of Minnesota...and starting at one...we are going to stop doing anything house and work related and binge watch our fave shows...Survivor and Top Chef and Boardwalk Empire and Black List and oodles more!
Den has already taken one car in for service, met with our construction guy for some house issues, taken Lucy for her spa treatment...his turn...and picked up stuffed pork chops from Country Butcher for dinner...whew!

I made this creamy cauliflower soup for dinner delicious!
This recipe is at Serious Eats.

I made this salad from a blog called portandfin. It has baby kale, a roasted sweet potato, quinoa, dried cranberries and a dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey...we loved it!

Reading this's this author's first grown up book...I am truly loving it! She is from Vienna and I noticed that her name is different on the European cover! It's a chilling mystery that involves body parts and numbers! Yes...indeed!

Hopefully you are having a Fab Fun Friday, too!


  1. I wonder if I can get Den to take my car in next week? That is one chore I hate!

    1. I will ask him! He might for a six pack! Lol...know anyone with a beer shop?

  2. I bought some kale for salad this week, after having some at my daughter's house. Your soup and salad look very tempting!

  3. That soup sounds delicious!

    Can't believe tomorrow is the series finale of Boardwalk! :(

    Hope you are having a nice weekend.