Thursday, August 21, 2014


Our Keith Urban Adventure was stressful because...not only did it start on Sunday and not end until Monday...but the minute Den got in the door on Monday...he literally had to turn around...pack...and get on a plane! He is on his way home now. So...although we had an awesome the back of our minds we were always thinking about getting back home in time to get to the airport. We said we wouldn't wake up early on Monday and that he was ready and we had tons of time to drive the three plus hours home...but...he was up and showered at 5:30...he nudged a Starbucks in my hand before my eyes were opened and instead of a leisurely fun breakfast...we had a quick Egg McMuffin on the road. Once we got in our door there was more running around and pressure than you can even imagine. I know this was why I was so exhausted! Whew!

So as usual...while the girls and I have been happy eating peanut butter and nectarines and scrambled eggs and soup...I have NOTHING for dinner and nothing for
Den's lunch tomorrow...and no ambition either to get anything...but I will...later...I hope...

Our lives have been so full of travel and moving and never stopping...there were times when I would teach all week...we would hop on a plane for a week end of business entertaining...and back to teach on Monday morning...this week end reminded me of that...and further reminded me that...

I love staying at home! I love it! Does this explain why I love staying at home and being totally irresponsible? Lol...I hate stress and pressure and exhaustion! Our Keith Urban Adventure reminded me of how my life used to be...and it was not a happy was stress filled!

Reading this lovely's all relationships and Charleston houses...very relaxing!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love staying at home but I love to travel too. lol I want it all.

  2. Oh, s....t! I had a whole comment down here, and then clicked on the "sign out" button instead of publish.

    Anyway...I was ranting about how I don't like to travel. Used to love it, not so much anymore. Regret buying that timeshare, but luckily my second son enjoys using it.

    I like the cozy feeling of being home!

  3. Keith? Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

  4. I enjoy staying home and traveling if it isn't stressful.

    Charleston's cover is gorgeous. I am guessing the book is great.

    THANKS for sharing.

  5. Oh, now I see where you went for your Keith Urban concert!! I just moved to CA....and we lived about maybe a half hour north of there, somewhere between that site where the real Woodstock concert took place, and where Woodstock the actual town is situated (and fyi: my husband attended Woodstock-- but he's older than me, & I wouldn't meet him for 18 years later, lol).

    Glad you had a good time, but wow, this was a tiring week for both of you. Relax with a book :)

  6. I like staying at home. Hubby practically has to drag me on trips, but then I usually have fun when I go.