Monday, August 18, 2014

Oh My...Our Torturous Fun Torturous But So Much Fun Weekend! (Sorry if this posts twice!)

We drove three hours yesterday to get to New York to see Keith Urban! Kitties stayed checked in to our hotel...showered...lunched...brushed teeth...packed a backpack...and headed off to Woodstock! The concert was at 7:00...but...once you get to Woodstock there is at least a 20 minute walk to the entrance...even though we bought PREMIUM parking. Then from the entrance you have another incredibly long least a mile...through beautifully landscaped grounds and shops and vendors selling foods and stuff...and icy cold beers...millions of them! The concert was cold, tiring, exhausting, festive, freezing, and so much fun! I did not even realize that I liked Keith Urban...who knew! We woke up at 6 this morning and we were home by 11:30. Den has to be somewhere at 5...later today. He is racing around like a crazy boy...the girls and I are collapsed in bed. Showered, fed, unable to move...I made lunch for Den...emptied the dishwasher and collapsed...I don't think we have stopped moving since early yesterday. I am tired. I did not wear boots meant for walking...I did not wear boots...I wore cute strappy ankle wrapped sandals...which was a very bad idea. I should have worn Uggs and fleece!

But...the outfit of the day was short and big flowy ponchos! Plus no one sits down ever! People rock and sway and dance and sing and move! There was activity everywhere! I loved it but I am happy to be home!

Can I add a teensie I love Keith here? Sorry Nicole...sigh...

This was where Woodstock was!

The pavilion!

The girls were home alone...for barely 24 hours...our sitter was on her own we timed Lucy's pills and puffer...over fed a bit...left plenty of water...and prayed! Other than being clingy...they really were fine. I would never leave them for longer than this...without a sitter...but hopefully they appreciate us!

Plus they picked up a few bad habits while we were away! Sitting on the Xfinity box!

I barely read while we were gone...normally I can read in the car on my Kindle but there was so much traffic and roadwork...I could not read...but...I started this...and it starts out really good! to unwind!


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing FUN filled weekend, Patty! Glad you had so much fun at Woodstock...I do love Keith Urban, as well!
    The photos w/the 'girls' 'home alone'...was that from the Nanny Cam? ...they seemed to have their own cute!!!

  2. So what took you to this concert if you didn't know you like Keith Urban? I am glad you know now, and had so much fun! Too bad I don't live closer. I would be happy to cat sit for you!

  3. Wow- you had a fun and busy weekend! Glad you and Den had such a good time and that the weather was mostly good (but, boy is it getting chilly). Now you know what shoes/boots to wear next time. :)

  4. Oh, I always wanted to go to Woodstock! I missed it in 1969....LOL

    I love Keith Urban! Want to go.....sigh.

  5. I haven't ever heard Keith Urban sing. I don't have a clue about what he sounds like. I only know him as Kidman's husband. He's cute, though! Sounds like the trip was a blast. You guys make some interesting little jaunts.