Thursday, July 24, 2014

Worrisome Day Today!

The girls have little check ups today...Roxie Blue needs her rabies shot...yikes! She is clueless about this one.

Lucy Grace has her 6 month healthy check up...blood work, blood pressure...OMG!

She is clueless, too, but will catch on quicker than Roxie...once we get the carrier out...Roxie sort of bounces through life as a happy two year old.

I love these two monkeys so much! I think they might love each other...just a teensie bit?

A few more new books trickled in from NetGalley!

This one just looks like fun!

I loved Lisa Jewell books years ago...I have not read her in a while but doesn't this look so good? It sings of family drama!

This is the Eleanor And Park author! to worry about the vet's test results...that actually haven't even happened yet...

Happy Thursday!


  1. I hope their check-ups go well.

  2. Poor babies...and they do catch on to the use of carriers, don't they?

    I had no idea Rainbow Rowell had another book out! I have to catch up. I have only read Attachments and Landline, but have Fangirl on Sparky.

    I definitely want to read The House We Grew Up In.

  3. I used to hate taking Milou to the vet. It was so stressful for her and that made it stressful for me. Good luck today!

  4. Hoping that all is well. Keep us posted. Hug.

  5. I'm interested in The House We Grew Up In!
    Good luck with the girls today. I'm sure Roxie will be fine and hope that Lucy's tests go well. Have a peaceful day.