Monday, July 21, 2014

Smooth As Silk! Almost!

Ta da! The furniture moves proceeded like a well oiled machine. Den only had to zip to Sears once...he needed a really long screwdriver and then out to Radio Shack later for an HDMI cable. The only changes we made were to not put the chest in the family room. I love it upstairs and I love my red bench coffee table in the family room even more.

The girls happily inspecting the new peely chippy TV stand. Excuse the fan...our bedroom has vaulted ceilings and while the rest of the house is freezing...our room at night is so hot even with a night time setting of 67 degrees...we probably should do something about this but we get lazy...

Everything is now kitty approved! Hurray!

Finishing's good but I don't love it...I mean I do love it but it's not surprising me enough...does that ever happen to you? With a book?

Off to clean something...

Happy Monday!


  1. Your TV stand looks wonderful!

    I get what you mean about the book - sometimes I'm in the mood for predictable and sometimes I'm not.

    1. I love that you get me!

      We love it too! Gotta love painty chippy peely!

  2. Love that white chest. My bedroom flat screen is on a white chest, too, but mine is old and not in an antique way; but it works.

    I have seen other reviews of The Hurricane Sisters, too, in which it was mentioned that this was not a favorite by this author. I definitely can relate to that feeling, although not with this book....since I haven't read it.

  3. Is the tv stand an antique? Where did you get it? It certainly looks like the girls approve. Ha!

  4. Glad the furniture moves went so smoothly. Everything looks great and as long as the girls approve- then things are good. :)

    Happy cleaning!