Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Stuff!

We never made it to Costco yesterday...but we are on our way today! Instead of Costco we stopped at the Produce Place...where they literally think of everything!

Pre prepped veggies for stir fries and roasting! $4.99 each! Aren't they beautiful? Even fresh cabbage steaks for roasting...yum! It's just the amount that I need! Plus...they make salads and homemade hummus. I love this place.

Cabbage steaks!

Yummy hummus!

I roast these, too!

These are called candy sweet!

Veggies for snacking...prepped fresh each morning by The Produce Place!

Fruit...these are South Carolina peaches...soooo good!

Dinner! I am making a Fish Stew from Food's filled with fresh wild caught cod, scallops, shrimps and clams! We have a yummy baguette for dipping!

This book is so good! Here's the premise. A man has been in prison for years...convicted of killing his wife because she was having an affair. He is being released to come home to die...he has cancer. His three children are there but almost no one thinks that he didn't do it. There are protestors in front of his house almost daily. And secrets are everywhere! It's beautifully written and I am really into it.

So...we had a busy morning at Costco and Whole Foods and we are in for the day.

Happy Saturday!


  1. These all look sooo good! And so does that book...enjoy!

  2. The fresh fruits and veggies look and sound wonderful. I would love to have a place like that in my area!

  3. I've never heard of cabbage steaks but they sound good to me. My dad always said the best peaches come from South Carolina but I think Georgia would disagree with him.

    1. Cabbage steaks are really good! They turn sweet and get caramelized!