Thursday, July 10, 2014

Love Lunching!

When I was teaching I had a favorite spot to work when I was on break...the library! Sue and Mary ran the was a beautiful place to hide! Lol! None of us are working any more so we meet for lunch ever few months...every one is busy traveling, painting, gardening, reading or kitty we love our lunches together.

I wanted to take pictures of us but we were chatting so much that I forgot! Next time!

We went here.

I had this...look at the little sweet frites holder! I could only eat the middle and one piece of toast on my sandwich...I brought the other half home and Den devoured it! But the frites were freaking amazing! I shared with Mary and between us we finished them all...

Just finished good...70's Hotlanta ( Atlanta )...pimps, ladies of the night, dysfunctional families and a crazy shooter! This book is written so well that I had no clue who the shooter was...

Off to relax...and prep for dinner!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love lunching too - it's my favorite meal to eat out.

    I'm glad you said 70s Hotlanta because Atlanta is now known as the ATL.

    1. I think...that I got that from something in the book...I was a really old Atlanta...just after the Vietnam War...

  2. It is such fun to get together for lunches with former colleagues. You must take pictures next time!

    I am putting Cop Town on my list.

  3. This is such a nice thing to do! I look forward to pictures!