Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Books, Tees, Tacos!

Just finished this...just wrote my review...just wiped the tears from my eyes...loved this sweet, tender, sad, funny, quirky book!

Just bought these tees from Urban Outfitters! Comfy...soft...on sale! Again...I will have shorts on with mine! Lol! Although these are really long on me!

It's stand up taco night! Den loves bake them in the oven and they are so delicious...this recipe is from!

Finishing this...really good!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I loved Dollbaby, too. My kind of story.
    The tees are cute. It makes me wonder how tall they are, and how tall you are!

    1. Those girls are Amazons! I am 5'2"...

  2. Those tacos look delicious!!

    Dollbaby sounds fabulous- definitely a story I will have to pick up!

  3. Dollbaby sounds like a great read. I want to pick it up.
    Please share the name of the taco recipe so I can look it up online. I tried the site you gave but it was too overwhelming with so many recipes--thanks!!

  4. I hope to read Dollbaby next week! Love the look of those tacos...Yum!

  5. Love those tee shirts! The cheese on the tacos--- not so much. Love that title, Baby Doll. What's it about?