Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Friday! Thoughts On Quirkiness!

I loved this book! Loved it...I literally read it on and off all day yesterday. Portia Cuthcart...main quirky character...has "the knowing." She wakes up thinking of foods that people need and she isn't really truly happy until she makes that food and gets it to the right person! Why does she feel compelled to make chocolate chili covered figs and peanuts? Her grumpy but sweet neighbor has congestion and she knows this will help him! I loved Portia and her grumpy elderly gay neighbor! Plus...she lives in a basement garden apartment in NYC...she has been dumped and cheated upon by her philandering creepy Texas politician husband...discovers she has an incredibly handsome upstairs wealthy widowed hot father of two...Gabriel...and...they amazingly fall for each other and have incredible sex amidst a million obstacles! He actually climbs down the fire escape and into her old cast iron still my quirky heart! Plus...even the obstacles are amazing...her ex husband won't give Portia money, Gabriel has a blackmailing brother, a mother who doesn't love him but loves the brother more, and two quirky and clever...the other obstinate and defensive. This book has everything except a cat!

I am not a fan of romance...but quirky romance? I love it! This book was simply! And it has recipes...I love books with recipes!

Next up?

Finishing this...thank you, Evan, from Harlequin Mira...hmmm...this is sort of a romance, must be Spring!

Starting this...from Amazon Vine!

Sad news...the geese are gone...with babies...we stocked up on cracked corn...tossed them whole grain bread for a special treat...and they are gone...we fall for this trick every year...the parents show them to us...literally seem to live under our deck and then just when we are used to seeing them...the Papa Goose walks them to the other pond at the end of our street...when we see them again...babies are missing...he walks them through a wooded path...and a fox probably gets as many babies as he sad! Bye bye babies!

So...with all that said...Happy Friday!


  1. That first book's cover is to die for! I want to paint mason jars now.

  2. Ahhh...poor're on a food kick!

  3. I love anything quirky. Food, people, humor, books, you name it.

    Wait?! Maybe I'm quirky? LOL ;)

  4. What wait? He took babies. Oh sigh. My heart can't take it. Let's hope they found a better place to set up camp.

    1. I know...we even went to the other pond to look for them...nothing! He did the same thing last year and came back with one!

  5. I do not like foxes or coyotes! So sad....

    I am definitely quirky. Just finished reading the third Frieda Klein book (Waiting for Wednesday), and she is definitely quirky!

  6. That's so sad about the baby duckies! We don't have ducks here by the beach, but plenty of birds, and pelicans!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Patty!